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8 June 2008
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Wizoo Powered DX
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Produced by Wizoo
Akai Format

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Wizoo Powered DX is from the German sample CD company Wizoo who are also known for their software and synth guides. Their range of sample CD's growing ever more rapidly and their latest is described as "You want sounds that to date only a real FM synth could produce? You got em: Thumpin' bass, shimmering, chimey e-piano, and the slickest, biggest digital sounds are now available in Akai S1000 format. We locked Peter and Hubertus into a room and didn't let them out until they programmed a CD-ROM full of exclusive sounds that'll even dazzle DX owners! "

The collection is a Akai 1000 format CD, as far as I'm aware there are no other formats in the pipeline. As with moat other Wizoo sample CD's this collection sits in the "mid range" price bracket of just under $60, just over half the price of what we'd call a full price CD. Logically therefore, you get around half the contents of what you might expect from a full price CD, here though I would say we've seen full price collections that have contained less data than Wizoo Powered DX.

The CD comes in a glossy gatefold "CD single" cardboard type package that opens up to reveal the inlay card information on the inside of the double gatefolds, looks very nice, if perhaps not as hard wearing as the regular plastic jewel cases. There is a little biographical information given on the producers of the collection on the Wizoo website - Peter Gorges and Herbertus Maass who also did the Wizoo Powered Nord we looked at a few months ago. Each of the two producers work has been divided up on the collection so you can compare the two styles of programming.

Wizoo Powered DX Inlay Card

The documentation is very good, the CD is broken down into the various Akai partitions and each sound is listed out with a descriptive title, it's mode, it's category, size of the sample and where it is on the demo program and a brief description. In addition there is a couple of pages of notes and tip & tricks. Most usefully each partition also contains a demo program, does make it a lot easier to preview the sounds.

The sounds have been sourced from the DX7, DX7II and the 8 DX7's in a rack monster TX-816, and then further processed to produce a whole range of new sounds. So it's not quite an "authentic" collection of sounds, though the processing in the main is fairly subtle and in particular the noise reduction has been very well applied.

The license agreement is standard, including the prohibition of "electronically transferring" the files, so you can't transfer them from the CD drive to the sampler then..., I'm sure that the intention is prohibiting electronic distribution of the CD over the Internet. Something Wizoo might just want to tweak the wording of for the future.

On to the sounds...

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