8 June 2008

Wizoo Powered DX
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Summary - Audio quality is excellent. There is no detectable noise or audio glitches. There is some subtle processing throughout the collection, though only in one or two places is it really noticeable, such as in "chorused" programs.

Wizoo Powered DX is an excellently executed collection with which Wizoo are becoming very adept at, namely in setting a very specific target and then doing their best to achieve this. A collection based around the classic Yamaha DX 7 is never going to set the world alight, but here the producers have aimed to get a very high quality collection of 60 odd samples that showcase the synth to the best of it's capabilities.

I think anyone who does or has owned a DX 7 will be very impressed with the samples on offer here, the producers have stuck to the mainstream sounds mostly and wisely keyed in on the most popular and best sounds that DX 7 is renowned for. In many ways they have played the collection quite safe, certainly the DX 7 is capable of a whole range of weird and wonderful effects, but by not going too overboard, generally, they've produced a very usable collection of sounds.

There are some classic sounds on offer here, basses, electric pianos and some wonderful bell and metallic sounds, the guitar sounds are pretty good and some of the more pad like sounds not bad. Lead, brass and string like sounds have never been the DX 7's strong points. But to anyone who is familiar with these sorts of sounds, then they'll know that these are as good as examples as your going to get.

Whilst one has to compliment the programmers on their skill at extracting and then subsequently processing the sounds to produce an excellent collection of DX sounds one must bear in mind the caveat as to why the DX sound isn't ever present in modern tracks. The sounds are on the thin side, and if their is such a thing as a dated sound, then there are some examples here. This might be exactly what your looking for of course....Also on the negative side, as one always tends to say at the end of a mid range priced release, you wished there was more.

Certainly for anyone who is looking for a collection of DX 7 sounds they'll find an excellent assortment here, especially the ones people are most likely to want, bass and electric piano's. If you've ever had a DX 7 or wanted one, and would like to recreate the sounds the synth is famed for then you'll be hard pressed to find a better collection of DX based sounds than this.

Overall - Value for money 8/10 - Usability 9/10 - Documentation 9/10 - Sonic Quality 9/10. Recreate the sounds of the 80's - 8.5/10

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