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8 June 2008
chemical beats review

Hamburg Loopz 2
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Produced by Wizoo chemical beats
Audio 33:04
Tracks 98
Mixed Mode

Data .wav files






Hamburg Loopz 2 is the first release we've looked at from German company Wizoo, who not only have issued a dozen or so sample CD's to date but are also well known for their music making books, mainly Software and Synth Guides. The advertising for this CD states "More than 300 unusual, experimental patterns, each a miniature work of art. Shaped by effects, distortion and analogue synthesisers, you'll discover sounds you've never heard before. A great complement to your standard drums, you’ll also find these evocative loops a fantastic source of inspiration for new tracks. All loopz created using Roland TR-808 and Alesis HR-16."

The collection is a dual format audio/.wav CD loops only CD and as with all of the Wizoo sample CD's sit in the "midrange" price bracket of just under $50, around half the price of what we'd call a full price CD. Logically therefore with the mixed mode CD you get around half the contents of what you might expect from a full price CD, in this case just over half an hour of audio - but as you get the files in .wav format as well also that's a bit of a bonus.

The CD unusually comes in a gatefold "CD single" cardboard type package that opens up to reveal a booklet in the inside cover, very stylish, though one wonders perhaps if it might get a bit knocked about in your typical studio environment. Aside from a 20 page booklet, on the CD ROM part of the disk there is virtually a complete copy of the Wizoo website, with lots of information on their products, demo's and biography's. Unfortunately there isn't any information on the producers of this CD, Michael Mulhaus and Christian Obermaier, so can't give you any background on them.

Hamburg Loopz 2 Inlay Card

The documentation is excellent, the CD is broken down into individual samples, with the track number, file name, exact BPM, number of bars and a short description. All the information you could want, which ties in both the audio and CD-ROM sections of the CD. Again, unusually, about a quarter of the booklet is given over to advertising other Wizoo products, something I'm surprised doesn't happen more often. Overall a very nicely put together package.

As mentioned above the sounds for the loops on the CD were originally sourced from a Roland TR-808 and Alesis HR-16, these have then been processed, sometimes beyond any kind of recognition into producing the loops on the CD. The CD has no demo track and no test tone.

On to the sounds...

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