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8 June 2008
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Wizoo Powered Nord
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Wizoo Powered Nord is from the German company Wizoo, who are probably better known for their music books, mainly Software and Synth Guides, but have now developed a rapidly expanding range of sample CD's. The advertising for this CD states "This hot tamale makes other digital takes on analog sounds look like refried beans. Watch your sampler sweat when you feed it these killer sounds. Burning basses, red-hot pads, scorching leads, pyro polys and sizzling syncs. This CD-ROM turns your sampler or soundcard into a virtual Nord Lead with 64 patches."

The collection is a Akai 3000 format CD, with an EMU EIV format version in the pipeline. As with other Wizoo sample CD's this collection sits in the "midrange" price bracket of just under $50, around half the price of what we'd call a full price CD. Logically therefore you get around half the contents of what you might expect from a full price CD, although in this case you do get a fair amount of material part of this is due to the duplication of samples as we'll explain later..

The CD comes in a gatefold "CD single" cardboard type package that opens up to reveal a booklet in the inside cover, very nice, though be careful not to stick your cup of tea on it as it's not quite as "wipe clean" as your typical plastic case. There is a little biographical information given on the producers of the collection on the Wizoo website - Peter Gorges who did the Nord Programming, Herbertus Maass who took the Nord sounds into the sampler world and Edwin Hettinger who did the sampling, post production and looping.

Wizoo Powered Nord Inlay Card

The documentation is excellent, the CD is broken down into individual samples, with the partition, volume, program, program name and in most cases a description of the program too. In addition, the 24 page booklet gives you a few pages in introduction and user tips on how to get the most out of the collection and your sampler. Overall a very nicely put together package.

Obviously all of the sounds have been sourced directly from a Nord Lead, a very popular analogue modelling synthesiser from Clavia. There has been little in the way of post production work on the sounds, the intention to give users to "turn your sampler into a first class synthesiser with all the legendary tonal attributes of analogue synthesisers."

On to the sounds...

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