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8 June 2008
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Platinum 24 - Acoustic Drums
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Platinum 24 - Acoustic Drums is from the German company Wizoo, who are also known for their music books, mainly Software and Synth Guides, but have now developed a rapidly expanding range of sample CD's. Platinum 24 is hot off of the press having only just been released.

The advertising for this CD states "To date, exclusively Steinberg LM4 owners enjoyed access to the striking sounds archived in Wizoo's legendary 24-bit Drum Library. Now these great sounds are accessible on all samplers that support the Akai-S1000 format. The Acoustic Drums CD features 32 drum kits, including chromatic kits, percussion and reverb kits (Lexicon 480L). Using a very special 16-way microphone setup, all instruments were recorded digitally in 24-bit format. The outcome is stunning - to date unrivalled spatial depth and transparency. With up to 20 dynamic levels per instrument, these sounds enable detailed drum programming - even the subtlest tweaking is now possible."

The collection is a Akai 1000 format double CD, and is purely an acoustic drum and percussive "hits" library CD - there are no loops or riffs at all aside from the demo programs. This CD unlike most other Wizoo sample CD's sits in in the "Full Price" sample CD range - retailing for just under $100, though bear in mind that this is a double CD release. As far as I am aware there are no other releases in other formats planned.

The CD comes in a double gatefold "CD single" cardboard type package that folds out to reveal the two CD's and the track listings on the inside covers together with a couple of pages of notes too. In particular there are some references to the recording processes, and the reason for the "24" in the CD title. This indeed is the first CD we've looked at that is specifically being marketed as a 24 bit release.

A quick bit of history... when samplers first became available they were mostly 8 bit - the resolution they can sample at - "CD Quality" is 16 bit - and 16 bits is where the norm has been for the past decade or more, however with the ever increasing computing power available these days 24 bit is beginning to become the standard in the recording studio, and I suspect we'll see a lot more "24" sample CD's in the future. What does this mean ?, well it should mean an increase in the fidelity of the sound. The "24" here comes from the recording process, all recorded digitally at 24 bit rate. Actually then the processing was then done with 32 bit processors before being mastered down finally to the 16 bit CD standard.

Platinum 24 - Acoustic Drums Inlay Card

The documentation is very good, the CD contents are laid out on the inside of the package. Broken down by partition, and program, described with the number of the note used on the demo program and the amount of memory used. There isn't a lot of description as there isn't much to say really, I can't think of anything missing anyway and is all laid out so you can quickly find what you want. Wizoo recommend 32 Mb of memory and you will need that much to make a lot of use out of the collection, 10 of the 13 complete kits are over 28Mb and even a couple of the individual hits programs run to over 25Mb.

There isn't too much specific information about the 13 full kits, they are just named generically. On the individual hits CD though the instruments are mostly named. As you would expect they feature the top notch drum manufacturers Ludwig, Premier, Zildijan, Paiste etc., not to mention the Lexicon 480 L reverb, arguably the best reverb you can buy.

On to the sounds...

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