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8 June 2008
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Rude Loopz
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Rude Loopz is from the German music company Wizoo, who are also known for their music books, mainly Software and Synth Guides, but have now developed a rapidly expanding range of sample CD's. Rude Loopz is their latest release and certainly a little different from their earlier products.

The advertising for the collection states - "Earthy, hard-hitting drum grooves are what this sampling CD is all about. All grooves were recorded live to up to eight separate tracks, although of course finished stereo mixes are part of the package. Using a variety of microphone placements and effects processors, for instance, filters and distortion, the CD offers a huge cache of exciting sonic variations suitable for a wide range music styles. CD1 contains ready-to-run multitrack songs for Logic Audio and Cubase VST. CD2 provides stereo mixes in audio and AIFF formats. "

What separates Rude Loopz from earlier Wizoo releases, and indeed anyone else to date, is the manner in which the sounds are presented. The double CD contains not only an audio version of the loops, but .wav & .aiff files versions of the loops, plus most usefully, full multitracked versions of the loops in Cubase and Logic formats. Incidentally as part of the Cubase/Logic versions you get a breakdown of the components of the loops in .wav & .aiff formats. Oddly the documentation makes no reference to the .wav file versions of the full loops, but they are there. The collection is a regular full priced release.

The CD comes in a double gatefold "CD single" cardboard type package that folds out to reveal the two CD's and the track listing on the inside covers together with a couple of pages of notes. Does give a very professional finish to the package, though doesn't leave too much space for the track details and notes. Watch out for the drinks too as they mark it rather more than the usual plastic cases !

Rude Loopz Inlay Card

The documentation is good, if a little brief, the CD contents are laid out on the inside of the package. Each track is listed with a descriptive name and the BPM, the Cubase/Logic programs give exact BPM's when you need to be spot on, "Bold" for example is actually 98.12 BPM. Otherwise there are a couple of pages of notes.

The license agreement is standard, if a bit brief, including the prohibition of "electronically transferring" the files, so you can't copy the files to your hard drive then..., I'm sure that the intention is prohibiting electronic distribution over the Internet. Something Wizoo might just want to tweak the wording of for the future.

There is no demo track and no test tone.

On to the sounds...

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