8 June 2008

Rude Loopz
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Summary - Audio quality is excellent. There is no detectable noise or audio artefacts. The "acoustic" version of the loops sound very natural while the "processed" version are not over processed. There is certainly plenty of scope for some extra processing should this be required.

Rude Loopz is a very well put together package, nicely presented, constructed and most importantly sounds good too. There is a very wide range of loops, if a limited number, and they're very solid and usable, the quicker BPM ones in particular standing out, showing quite some drum playing skills. Having the loops in a Cubase/Logic compatible format is a huge plus, it allows users to have almost total control over a loop, and a great benefit in turning a loop into a finished track.

Even for those people who don't use either Cubase or Logic will still be able to get a great deal out of the CD as all of sounds are presented in a number of ways, including the individual elements as well as complete in both audio and .wav/.aiff format. Obviously though Cubase/Logic users will get the most from the collection, you'll need Logic v4+ or Cubase VST v3.5+ by the way.

The only downside to the collection is that a limited number of loops has been spread over such a wide range, this might be a plus of course depending on your point of view, but if your looking for something within a particular area you'll likely find something you can use, but only a few examples.

The CD would make an ideal purchase to the newcomer to the world of sequencing and sampling, you'd really have to try hard not to be able to produce a decent sounding track from most of these loops. More experienced users will appreciate the high degree of control that they are able to exercise over the loops.

If you can make full use of the CD and are looking for some acoustic based drum loops for your tracks I would certainly suggest you put this CD near the top of your wish list.

Overall - Value for money 8/10 - Usability 10/10 - Documentation 8/10 - Sonic Quality 9/10. Loops for control freaks - 9/10

Click here to go to the Wizoo website - They have demo tracks online

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