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18 June 2010

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Produced by KenFen Productions
No.Samples 1132
Data 93.9Mb
Zip Disk PC/Mac Format
Released 1998

Zip o Drums, as you might get from the title, isn't a your usual sample CD. The prime focus of the collection is single drum sounds, just the hits, mainly real drums rather than machines, though there are very comprehensive Roland 808 & 909 collections. No loops, though there are also a few bass sounds, 77 to be precise taking up about a fifth of the space.

It's unusual as it's being offered on a Zip disk. This is the first time I've seen such an offering using this delivery medium, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly of course if you haven't got a zip drive, or access to one, then your not going to be able to use the disk, and as a medium its quite expensive when compared to the cost of a CD.

On the other hand if you buy the collection and really hate it you've always got a new Zip disk and you can never have too many of those. Bear in mind though the price that is being asked for this collection, at present US$35, if you think that a blank Zip disk is say $15 then all your really "risking" here is $20. Ask anyone who has just edited 100 samples if they think that's a good deal, then remember you get over 1100 samples here.

This is KenFen Productions first such sample collection offering. KenFen is run by two guys, Ken Fennell and Jeff Weinberger who run a studio out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA offering a variety of musical services. They have a nice website here if you'd like to find out more about them.

Documentation is all online, and fairly spartan. One thing I would have like to have seen is a little custom liner for the Zip disk case. Just with the contents and licence agreement would have been fine, just makes it look more professional, saves people having to print out the zip info.txt file and makes it standout from the other Zip disks that people will have hanging around (if they're anything like me !). It's a small gripe though.

One minor technical issue that may arise from this is that the producers may have a hard time enforcing the licence agreement. If it's not printed on the cover, then the licence agreement could easily be deleted. I would think that there is a possible argument along the lines of "I didn't see the licence as it wasn't brought to my attention", "My sampler can't read text files" or "well my version didn't have a licence on it, honest guv !". On the other hand the licence agreement is pretty simple and wide, just a thought that occurred to me.


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